Some times being a new swimming coach or parent is confusing. In order to help newcomers get organized there is a time table below to help get things done on time. The dates listed below are approximate and should be checked by reading league, state and national information.

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1. September/October teams begin practice

2. For States

    2.1 Swimmers information

        2.11 You must be a member of the Y 90 days prior to the State Meet , approximately before December 15.

        2.12 You must meet the Qualifying Times listed on this website

        2.13 You cannot swim for a non-YMCA competitive swim team 30 days prior to competing with your Y team.  You may represent your High School however since this is closed competition.

        2.14 Swimmers must participate in at least 3 inter association or dual meets prior to the entry deadline.

    2.2 Coaches

        2.21 Coaches should register their team via Y-USA Competitive Swimming website no later than December 1st!

        2.23 The Coach must have these credentials: USA-S coaches safety certificate or CPRFPR, First Aid and a Lifeguard Certificate to be allowed on the deck at the State Meet. To be on deck a coach must have taken the course Y principles of competitive swimming and diving.

        2.24 The coach must register the team with the State Commissioner or his designee (generally the meet director) by December 15. A complete electronic roster is due at this time.

        2.25 State Entries are due on or about February 15. The coach must be able to prove the entry times if asked. Entries can only be made by the YMCA. No individual may enter without going through his/her Y. All entries are final. A fine policy will be in effect for the 2014 meet for swimmers whose ENTRY TIMES CAN NOT BE PROVEN. Consult the meet entry blank for futher details.

3. Nationals

    The team must be registered in the fall October / November through the National Competitive Committee. Make sure your team has a registration number.

    Sometime in December/January you will have to submit a roster. List anyone who has even the slightest chance of going as it is difficult to add to this roster,

    Entries generally close a few days after our state meet.

    Make sure you make travel and motel arrangements early

    You must carry proof of times to the meet.

    Each swimmer must have his/her membership card with them

    Each coach must carry certification with them. The same as for states

    Teams may now register  ON LINE.