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Effective January 1, 2014, The Principles course can only be taken online.  Coaches are required to complete the course as one of the requirements to receive a deck pass for any Y sanctioned meet, including the State Championship Meet.

News about the online course:

1.       Participants must register with the Y Exchange to enroll (see below)

2.       The course consists of several downloads, modules, worksheets and handouts.

3.       National says the course will take more than 1 session of computer time.

4.       When the participant completes the course, a copy of the results must go to the group representative. The group rep. for NY is Kaeley Steinnagel. E-mail:

5.       If the participant does not click finish at the end of each module (session) it will not record. Be careful, follow directions.



1.       Go to the Y Exchange

2.       Open an account but DO NOT SIGN IN AS A Y EMPLOYEE . This will complicate the process.

3.       Once you have opened an account go to the Learning & Career Development Center (it is on the left of the HOME PAGE.

4.       Select find a course. The course name is “Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming & Diving” . Follow the directions

5.       If at any time you have trouble call the national Y 800 872 -9622 and ask for the Learning & Career Development Center. Tell them what you want to do. They have been very helpful and knowledgeable about this transition process.

Hint participants using Internet Explorer have more problems than those using Google Chrome. Don’t ask why I do not have an answer. Call the number above with any problem